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  • Is there a contract that I would have to sign?
    No, we don't have any contracts for you to sign. Unlike some of the other design companies out there, we'll never make you sign a 6 month or a 12 month contract. Our service is month-to-month.
  • How many brands can I submit requests for?
    Because our designers are dedicated to you and your business, both our Starter and Business plan only allow one brand to be designed for. If you are looking to design for multiple brands, our Agency plan would need to be purchased.
  • How do I submit revisions to be done?
    Your dedicated designer will take care of your design, from first-draft to final product. And all of the revisions you need.Just let them know the details of the revisions required, via email or your dashboard.
  • What details should my design request include?
    Your designer wants to know as many details as possible. The more details the better. You should be mindful to include the following: size, orientation, format (print or digital), colors, inspirational pieces, and text copy. The more descriptive you are, the more likely your design will be completed faster.
  • What are your hours of operation?
    Graphic Signature Designers work Monday - Friday 8am-6pm EST. If your design request comes in over the weekend, it will be addressed first thing on the next business day. We are also closed for business on the following holidays: • Christmas Day • Thanksgiving Day • Labor Day • Memorial Day • Independence Day
  • How much is the service?
    Graphic Signature offers (3) packages for a variety of different client bases. You can check them out by clicking on our pricing tab on the top menu bar. There is no set up fee, no minimum fees, no cacellation penalties and never ever any contracts.
  • Can you keep up with my blossoming business?
    Absolutely. If you happen to need more than one design team to handle your requests, you can add additional subscriptions at any time.
  • Where are your offices located?
    Graphic Signatures HQ is in Long Island, NY. Our designers ensure that our clients get timely responses to their inquiries, and have their design requests fulfilled as quickly as they need them to be. We do not outsource work, or work with freelancers, as an important part of our service is being able to provide consistently high-quality designs to our clients.
  • How long do design requests take to complete?
    Your requests are handled on a first-come, first-served basis. They are entered into your designers queue in the order that they are received. Your designer then works on delivering them. On average you'll receive 2-3 designs to review, per business day (this applies to designs like social media posts, web banners and single sided print designs). If you’ve got a more complex task like a catalog, booklet or brochure, let us know and we’ll provide an estimate on how long it’ll take before we begin.
  • How long do I have to wait before I can start making requests?
    Once you register for our services you can immediately start requesting your designs.
  • What do you mean when you say, "Unlimited Graphic Design"?"
    Our graphic design service includes unlimited requests and unlimited revisions. This means that you can make as any requests as you'd like, and we'll work through them as quickly as possible on a first come-first serve basis. Once you submit your requests, your dedicated designer will review them, to ensure we have all the details required. Then they'll provide you a timeline for when you should be recieving your first draft. By default, your requests will be completed in the order you submit them. But if you ever need to change the order, or prioritize a certain task, or tasks, you can do so by letting your graphic designer know. And as we work together, and get to know your brand(s) and vision better, the review and revision process will get faster and faster.
  • Are there any designs you won't do?
    Graphic Signature can pretty much create anything a typical business may require. However, we do have our limitations. We don't fulfill the following types of requests: CAD Drawings, 3D Renderings, Motion Graphics, UI/UX Design, App or Web Design.
  • Can I give you reference designs to show our company style of branding?
    YES! We actually recommend it. Your designer will use all the assets you provide them with to provide you with a design that mimmicks your style.
  • Who owns the designs that are made for me?
    You own complete rights to all design files that we create.
  • How do I cancel or change my subscription?
    While we hope that you'd give us the chance to make things better for you before you cancel, it's actually quite easy. To cancel, upgrade or downgrade your subscription, log onto your account page, click on My subscriptions and choose the option you wish. All changes will occur on the next billing cycle.
  • What does daily active requests mean?
    Daily active requests are the amount of tasks that our design team will be able to handle each day for our clients. So for example, if you're on the Agency Plan, and you submit 4 requests on a Monday, your first 2 requests will be attended to first and the next 2 will be attended to on Tuesday.
  • What is the cut off time to submit design requests?
    While you are able to submit design requests all day long, we will not be able to get to your requests on the same day if it comes in after 12pm. Revisions on the same day must be in by 1pm for same day turnaround.

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